When y easily lays and you will says that Kelly and you can Jonah was relationships very Maya wouldn’t rating a dishonest impression

Within the CLOUD9FAIL, Jonah and Amy send images to help you social networking throughout the many disgusting and you may crappy items that happen in a shop. When Luanne, men of business goes into the shop to investigate, Carol claims to the woman one to Sandra did it locate straight back in the Sandra for stealing the lady sweetheart. Amy and you may Jonah try to tell Luanne that the are an excellent sit, but Sandra gets a pro-commitment mascot, so it’s not required.

Season Five

Into the Self-care, Amy is actually exhausted, thus Jonah and Cheyenne Lee convert the storm coverage on a good spot for this lady when planning on taking naps for the day. Amy values its let, but this asleep hands on organization is consequential, as well as the store will get a lower life expectancy levels into its statement credit due to this fact.

During the Halloween, Kelly returns just after are transferred to disappear Connection Cards. It failed to make any difference, due to the fact a tiny slip-up triggered Maya so you can accidentally select the Connection Cards anyhow.

During the Doll Push, Jonah helps Amy defend this lady satisfaction when men in the St. Louis State of being an adverse manager after she terms their email wrongly.

Inside the Transactions, Jonah and you can Amy are involved towards Union negotiation happening that have corporate later on that day. Amy calls your just after searching a text message stating that Georgia, this new Partnership negotiator, was harm, and convinces him and Sandra to keep instead of this lady. Jonah finishes the decision from the claiming the guy enjoys their. After the settlement is over, the staff has reached a shop celebrating which they turned unionized.

Inside Myrtle, Jonah feels guilty whenever Myrtle brings him a lot of cash away from the lady usually, even though they weren’t also intimate. Jonah provides the currency to Glenn, exactly who provides they so you’re able to Pastor Craig to own religious causes. Amy tries to assist Jonah encourage Glenn that it actually an effective smart way to use the money, however they are fighting a burning battle and you may Glenn does not request the bucks right back.

From inside the Playdate, when Parker involves work, it is revealed you to definitely Jonah feels as though Parker’s dad. It is especially clear when Jonah is just one of the head someone cheering on Parker as he and Glenn’s kid, Flower, race both when you look at the a hurdle direction.

Into the California Part One to, Amy allows a job opportunity for Zephra inside the Ca. Jonah was at first unfortunate, but he y and they often strategy so you’re able to California together.

12 months Six

Within the Ca Area dos, Amy tells Dina this one from the woman favourite rings is fully gone and this she candidates Jonah swiped it therefore he could see Amy’s band dimensions. Amy suggests reluctance when the notion of a proposal out of Jonah appears. After, Amy faces Jonah about the lady suspicions, and Jonah acknowledges which he desired to plan to this lady. Amy claims you to definitely she cannot determine if she wants them to become partnered yet ,, however, Jonah rattles of a listing of a beneficial factors for the as to why they have to. Ultimately, stressed by Jonah, Amy acknowledges one she doesn’t want in order to, and you will werkt seniorblackpeoplemeet just before she actually leaves to possess Ca, it separation.

In most Sales Latest, Amy tells Dina and you may Cheyenne that she believes she made a great mistake not marrying Jonah. She tells your you to she knows she made an error but she today knows exactly what she wants, to which he responses that he does not. Fundamentally, immediately following an excellent heartfelt speech, the two hug. Very quickly pass, he or she is shown to be y’s infants in addition to their son together.

Year Several

In Cheyenne’s Wedding, Jonah has Kristen and you will Amy has Adam. Before Cheyenne and Bo marry, both couples meet and Jonah serves extremely embarrassing, seeming strange to Adam and nearly leaving Kristen. Around the stop of the relationships, Adam will leave early and you may Kristen holidays up with Jonah. Amy and you can Jonah stay together with her into the a counter exterior, and you may Jonah, on heat of-the-moment, phone calls Amy horny, and this surprises the woman.

In complete safety Studies, individuals are astonished when a video off Amy and you can Jonah kissing in the tornado. Next occurrence, Amnesty, the staff tease her or him mercilessly and you will Kelly seems omitted, baffled, and you will somewhat frustrated. Amy and you will Jonah know the only method to stop the flirting will be to back it up, and so they create a massive inform you out-of acting so you can kiss for each almost every other, and work out the head tormentors bored. Nevertheless they rating too on the results and actually kiss per almost every other, throat linking and all. Glenn and Dina name an event, where Jonah learns that Amy has received a break on him, to make Jonah shocked as well as the staff happy for lots more drama. Nearby the avoid of the occurrence, Jonah feels sorry having Kelly and you may claims that they should flow for the together.

During the Quinceanera, Amy attracts Jonah so you can Emma’s quinceanera. This is exactly a bad idea. Jonah produces a trick regarding himself and steals the latest tell you, taking control over the newest moving and you will eventually stepping onto the Runway because Emma treks off.