chatbot marketing strategy

Even the most basic chatbots can help to resolve frequently asked questions. With the right training, they can pick up on relevant keywords and point customers to the answers they need. This saves customers from waiting to talk to a human assistant, and it saves assistants from the busywork of a simple query. For more complex customer interactions, an AI chatbot could be a great investment for your business.

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Why Hotels Need Advanced Tech Tools in Marketing and Sales By ….

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Very likely, it’ll continue to be one of the leading bot applications in 2022. Similarly, you can do this with your UTM codes for the content you link from your bot. Give it a UTM source of chatbot and you can measure the clicks and traffic that come from the bot, as well as track the UTM all the way through your customer journey.

Use polls and other Marketing tools on your Channels

Perhaps this is simply a natural extension of your brand’s voice and tone. Open-ended conversations can lead to confusion for your bot and a poor experience for the user. If you don’t have the luxury of highly-advanced language processing, then an open-ended question like “how can we help you today” could go any number of directions. Because human languages change so regularly with new words added into the mix every so often, bots can struggle to keep up.

chatbot marketing strategy

An advanced AI chat can be designed to even have a personality that matches your brand identity. For example, if you have a company mascot, you can build a chatbot around it to welcome website visitors and engage them in conversation. The bot starts the conversation by asking the user a few questions, to obtain information that will help it to provide more accurate answers. The fields are very similar to those of a call-to-action (CTA) form, but the process is much more engaging and the lead immediately receives the information they need in return. The price of the chatbot usually depends on the time you’d like to invest in building it and the services you’d like it to provide.

Test your chatbot

Sephora’s bot helps you by providing access to makeup tutorials, product reviews, ratings, and professional assistance with beauty queries. It offers advanced features like “try on looks,” which uses a customer’s phone camera in “selfie” mode to show them a simulation of desired products directly on their face. The bots are a great boon to everyone when implemented with thought and care. Spend some time planning and experimenting, and you will make your customers happy. But they are CONVENIENT, and if kept to the point, they will be praised by your customers.

  • This approach was so effective that DoNotPay helped squash over 200,000 tickets over the months following its release.
  • What’s more, chatbots for lead generation allow customers to quickly make choices by simply selecting the option most relevant to them.
  • They provide you with the software, but you’re the one creating your own chatbot.
  • Even if the bot can’t answer the person’s query, they can direct them to your contact page or set up a callback during normal business hours.
  • For example, social media demographics show Gen Z and Millennials made a shift from using to Instagram and make up two-thirds of Instagram users.
  • Sales reps can then be more efficient in their nurturing strategy by adjusting their approach to the leads’ specific needs and concerns.

From simply boosting engagement to providing personalized service, chatbots can both engage and retain customers. With that in mind, let’s explore some of the ways businesses use chatbot marketing. For example, a chatbot can collect data, evaluate leads, drive customer engagement, and keep tabs on returning website visitors.

Interact via social media

If your customers cannot find their desired products, then chatbots will recommend relevant products to increase sales. In up-sell strategies, bots will help them choose the premium products and boost your revenue. Through inputs or comments from consumers, live agents and chatbots can be used to direct consumers quickly to recommended products or services that may be aligned with their needs. With data about past purchase history, chatbots can also pop up to make recommendations for other products based on customers who may be a part of a similar persona profile group.

  • The below image is an example of a FAQ-based chatbot from Joy Organics.
  • When your customers get instant assistance and answers, you will generate repeat and loyal customers.
  • Ananya is a content writer at Engati with an interest in psychology and literature.
  • The chatbot’s name is Freddy and it was created to cut customer wait times.
  • For example, if a customer asks about pricing packages, a chatbot could identify them as the customer’s financial goals and suggest that they complete an order.
  • So, if you have 100 customers visiting your website, they will all get instant chat replies in real-time.

They can answer questions, educate visitors on pertinent details, and help visitors register for the event instantly — all in one conversation. Sellers can also be notified when their target accounts are on your website — so that way, they can take over for the bot and deliver a personalized experience to their accounts in real time. Growth marketing is a relatively new approach to marketing that focuses on driving long-term growth for businesses through continuous experimentation and data-driven strategies. For brands and consumers alike, we have a chance to redeem communication and commerce.

Data Collection

Link up to social media like Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. You can also expand to SMS text and integrate into other platforms like MailChimp or Shopify. Chatbots can be housed on company websites or directly on messaging platforms, giving marketers flexibility when planning different strategies. Many companies are taking advantage of both options, integrating chatbots into messaging apps as well as on their websites. The role of chatbots in digital marketing is expanding, however, one of the most popular ways to utilize chatbots is having them communicate with customers through messenger applications.

How do you create a bot step by step?

  1. Create a bot. Go to and login using your Github or Facebook login.
  2. Testing your bot. Local testing: You can test your bot locally within IDE itself using our in-built chat widget.
  3. Deploy On Prod.
  4. Test your bot on Gupshup proxy bot.
  5. Publish your bot.

So they built the BB chatbot to provide a personal, timely, and accurate answer. With BB, KLM is taking the next step in its social media strategy, offering personal service through technology, supported by human agents when needed. Chatbots can help automate marketing communication and ensure instant and timely responses to customers. By making conversational AI chatbots a part of marketing initiatives, your business can also push customers seamlessly through the sales funnel and drive conversions.

Human Resources

As mentioned earlier, it will be extremely difficult to build a bot that is tailored to every service, question, product, and aspect of your company, especially if it is your first bot. This can lead to extremely dangerous glitches that could destroy your entire brand. Many marketers worldwide incorporate bot marketing into their marketing strategies but do not design an entire strategy dedicated to solely bot marketing. In fact, bot marketing is the same as any other endeavor; it involves planning, precision, research, and the correct implementation. Because of this lack of data, companies are currently unable to extract crucial data about their clientele that would allow them to serve them better. Nevertheless, now is still the time to add bot marketing to your strategy as the day will soon come where this data will be available.

chatbot marketing strategy

What are the 7 steps to create a chatbot strategy?

  1. Audience. The first key to a successful strategy is to profile your ideal customers.
  2. Goal. To define the purpose or goal for your chatbot strategy, begin with the end in mind.
  3. Performance.
  4. Key Intents.
  5. Storytelling.
  6. Platform Strengths:
  7. Feedback.